1. Tied Tight

From the recording Tied Tight


Let’s start out by saying
We’re so different that sometimes I laugh
We both know that I move slow
And you move so fast, sometimes I can’t keep track
But I hope and pray
The day might come around
Where I speed up
And you slow down

And we can say, Hi, it’s been a while
Won’t you tell me about your life
Who you’ve become, and what you’ve decided to do
It’s been a while
I like the way that you changed up your hairstyle
Yeah, mine’s still the same, but I’m making changes too--i’ve got some stories for you

Don’t get me wrong, but I hope there’s times
When you miss having me on the phone
I can joke with lots of folks
But without you, I still feel alone
And I know there’s lots to tell
After so many year’s apart
So if you’re over whelmed
I know where you could start

You could say, Hi, it’s been a while
How I’ve missed you, and your crooked smile
Thought I always believed that I’d get to see it again
And it’s been years since we’ve stood in this place
It’s taken so long, but I’m making some headway
In seeing God’s face, and finding my place in His plans--I’ve got stories, man...

There was this time I almost died getting caught out in the rain
And after Easter Sunday down here, Jesus never looked the same
And all these gentle people struggling aginst a sickness that’s too strong
And if I ever felt like clicking my heals, I’d turn on your songs

It’s been years since we’ve stood in this place
So much has changed, still I know I can say
After all of this time, you’re still tied tight to my heart